Darlene Yarbrough



Darlene Yarbrough began working in real estate in 1983 in Dallas Texas. In addition to residential real estate, her wide experience includes urban commercial real estate, historic and inner city residential redevelopment, environmental restoration and beautification, and work on rezoning historic neighborhoods. She was ultimately attracted to the San Luis Valley and the Crestone region by its combination of an unspoiled environment and a community of talented local artists.

With her architect/painter husband, David Yarbrough, Darlene moved to Crestone's Baca Grande in 1994. David designed a handsome adobe-style home in the Baca which doubles as headquarters and office space for Darlene Yarbrough Real Estate.

Darlene is a licensed real-estate broker, but even more important than her technical qualifications is the personal attention and focus that Darlene brings to the individual needs of individual clients. Buyers and sellers alike become trusted friends. Darlene puts her heart into her job.

P O Box 117
Crestone CO 81131
tel: 719 256 4198
fax: 719 256 4190
email: darlene@yarbroughrealestate.com