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The Crestone/Baca Grande area is unique in Colorado, and in Colorado real estate. Crestone is nestled under the 14,000-foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in south-central Colorado, just north of the Great Sand Dunes, on the eastern edge of the magnificent San Luis Valley.

Bordering the small town of Crestone to the south is the Baca Grande, a large, and still largely unpopulated residential development. Undeveloped lots here far outnumber houses, and prices are still remarkably affordable for such beautiful land.

Crestone is a quiet and unspoiled rural area of great beauty and calm, that has also become the home to a number of spiritual groups and retreat centers, representing contemplative traditions from around the world.

More information on Crestone, its surroundings, its contemplative communities, its economy and ecology is readily available by visiting the following web sites:

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